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Thursday, March 18, 2004
Yes, it really is a sports blog
The Blazers lost in a valiant attempt to down the East's leader last night, dropping the game to the Indiana Pacers. Just to show this isn't a Blazer blog only, and it really is a sports blog, I offer the following:

University of Oregon forward Luke Jackson scored 33 points in the 2nd half, including 3 threes in the final minutes as the Ducks defeated Colorado in OT on Wednesday to advance to the next round of the NIT tournament. The Stanford head basketball coach called Jackson the "best player in the PAC-10," and Billy Packer called him the best player NOT in the NCAA tournament.

Jackson finished with a career high 42 points, all but 9 in the 2nd half, and was 15 for 16 from the free-throw line. The Ducks trailed by 15 at half-time and were down by 18 early in the 2nd half. The Ducks went on a 17-2 run, and held Colorado to a 12 minute span where they didn't score a field goal.