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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
The Blazers lost a close one in NY - 92-91, with some really questionable calls by the refs in the last minute. Ok, so refs are human, or so I hear. They are bound to make some mistakes during the course of a game, and usually they work out on both sides. But c'mon, fellas - if you can't get the calls right in the last minute of a game near the end of the season, why are you still a "pro"?

Portland beat Boston tonight, behind the team's 61% shooting and Darius Miles' 31 points. Too bad that Utah won as well, cause the Blazers are still a half game back for the last playoff spot.

A co-worker pointed out today that the Blazers have not one, but two first round draft picks next year. Whooo. They certainly should be able to supplement their already young, athletic team with that. I'd like to see them pick up Luke Jackson from Oregon if they could. Not only would that go over well with fans, but he'd be a nice addition to the team.

Speaking of Oregon, they made a miserable impression on a nationwide audience last night, losing (and losing big) to Michigan in the semi-finals of the NIT. Not only did the Ducks NOT play defense, someone forgot to take the plastic wrap off of the Oregon baskets in BOTH halves. I don't know what their shooting percentage ended up being, but it must have been in the upper thirties. And it wasn't like they were all bad shots, a lot of them were good shots that just wouldn't fall. They even started missing lay-ins in the second half. Ouch.