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Thursday, March 25, 2004
Last Spot

The Blazers continue to fight tooth and nail for the last play-off spot in the West. After last night's win against the Clippers, and Seattle's thumping of Utah, Portland is now ½ game behind Utah and 1 game behind Denver for the 8th spot. The Blazers run the risk of not making the playoffs this year, something that has not happened in 22 years. They have a tough schedule ahead of them though for the last 11 games of the season: They play San Antonio twice and the Lakers twice, and they play Denver. Another cog in the wheel is that Denver and Utah play each other on Saturday, so a loss by one and a win by the other doesn't really help out. Plus, if they continue to play like they did against Houston and the Clippers, the Blazers are in trouble.