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Monday, March 29, 2004
The Blazers are in good shape for the play-offs (at least at the current moment) with their OT win against Seattle on Saturday, the Nuggets loss to Utah and Utah's loss to LA. Keep in mind though, that the Blazers have a tough schedule coming up. Tonight they face the Knicks in NY.

Maybe the Ducks can catch the game, since they are in town for the NIT semi-finals at MSG. The Duck's probably shouldn't have won against Notre Dame, but they did. The Fighting Irish had several chances to take the lead and blew it. But what makes the Ducks a tough opponent is not their shooting. It's not their rebounding. It's not their smoothly executed offense. The Ducks are scrappy. That's what helps them win, especially in the clutch. They didn't beat Notre Dame, Notre Dame really beat themselves. Of course, it's not like the Irish were ahead at the end, and then blew it. They had a couple of opps and failed to capitalize on them.

Go Ducks!