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Friday, December 05, 2003
pm commute:

Had to work my second job, so I didn't get downtown to catch a bus until about 10:15pm. There was some sort of activity going on at Pioneer Place - it involved loud, drunk people wandering around the transit mall, each carrying a small plastic beer mug. Anyway, at one point, a large group of them started to cross the street in front of my stop. They were crossing against the "walk" signal, and one loud, drunk lady stopped in the middle of the street and announced to the group, "Just ignore the big red hand, it's not important." She laughed hysterically. No one else did.

At which time a bus came screaming down 5th Ave, honked it's loud, obnoxious honk, and almost didn't stop in time. The group scattered to the relative safety of the sidewalk (and the MAX tracks - good thinking, dumbass!). After their initial shock, the group found this delierously funny, and went on their way.