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This was once a daily account of my journey into the world of public transportation. Now, it's just a sports blog.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003
The commute home worked like clockwork this time - it worked like it's supposed to work.
I don't usually remember other people's conversations. Hell, I can't even remember my own conversations most of the time. But anyhoo, some conversations just stick with you. (Plus, now that I'm keeping the MTJ, I'm listening more closely.)
Conversation on the MAX train last night between two young girls, probably 17 or 18:

Girl A: Don't you just love my new shoes. I love these kind of shoes.
Girl B: I hate those shoes.
Girl A: These are the best shoes. Why don't you like them?
Girl B: They're cold, they hurt your feet, they're uncomfortable.
Girl A: My feet aren't cold. I love these shoes.

Basically, everything Girl A said was chipper, happy, positive, very Mary Poppin-ish. Everything Girl B said was completely negative.

Girl A: What time is it?
Girl B: 5:38
Girl A: Wow! We've got plenty of time! We can go downtown, catch the 6:08, get off at my house so I can change my clothes, and still make it in time!
Girl B: I am not going to be late and get grounded because you have to stop at your house. I'm not doing it.
Girl A: [silence]

and then:

Girl A: Oh. My grandpa used to work at that fire station over there. He worked there for a long time, until he passed away.
Girl B: [silence]
Girl A: No, seriously. He worked there a long time. I mean, they probably have his picture hanging up in there.
Girl B: [silence]