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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
am commute:
Another crowded morning on the 'ol bus. I was running later than usual, and had the same bus driver that used to drive an earlier bus. He's pretty funny. He knows a lot of the "regular" passengers, so he talks and jokes around with them. As we head across the river toward downtown, he always used to give us a time update, and mention the weather forecast. He would even tell jokes sometimes.
This morning, he was joking with some of the passengers. I had my headphones on, so I didn't catch everything, but there was a guy sitting in front of me making wisecracks back at him, usually something cruel, but mostly stupid. He had the middle-aged ladies sitting in the side seats laughing histerically. I thought he was just trying to get attention.
Finally, after one particularly dumb remark, the driver told him - Well, I see you're not up to date on your 'How to ride the bus' instruction manual, Rule No 9 clearly states that your not supposed to be funnier than the driver. Heh heh. The guy was pretty quiet after that.