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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Last night, as I was returning home from my second job at about 10:30pm, our bus driver told us there might be a detour on the way. The reason? A hit and run accident on the main thouroughfare we take. 2 people were killed crossing the street. (It's a busy, 4 lane divided highway with those big cement blocks dividing the northbound and southbound lanes.) The driver left the scene, and when one of the other buses went through, the driver saw the "bodies" lying by the side of the road. No other motorists stopped, or even slowed down, and the bus driver had to call it in.

Now, first of all, people shouldn't cross this street. Especially since it's so busy. Especially since you have to climb over the concrete dividers. Especially when it's dark outside. Especially since there are overhead pedestrian bridges and crosswalks not too far from this spot. Especially when cars come barrelling through there at 50, 60 miles an hour. There are no traffic lights in this stretch of the highway; the closest ones are about 1/2 mile away in either direction. Ok, so people shouldn't cross here. But, come on! What kind of a person hits TWO people crossing the street, and then doesn't stick around to help them, or even report it?!?! Makes me sick.